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In the 1990s, Shoalhaven Recycling first began as a basic and novel service to the citizens of the greater Nowra area. Managing director Sandy Wilson saw the increasing need for minimising and eliminating conventional waste and for recognising materials as renewable. In this period, the knowledge and understanding of recycling was just beginning. In the 20+ years since, increasing information about the vital need to reuse our dwindling resources has become apparent. Shoalhaven Recycling has been around since the beginning, and today, we continue to make strides towards a better future for our communities. 

Today, nearly everyone has heard of recycling, but they may not fully understand its importance. Although the responsible recycling of materials is increasing, an enormous amount of waste is still ending up as landfill rubbish. We believe we can do better. In addition to providing a range of convenient and effective waste disposal services for the Shoalhaven region, our company aims to educate and motivate. Through community involvement including school tours of our recycling centre, we hope to turn household and commercial recycling into the norm.

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