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Kerbside Recycling

With a convenient yellow-topped recycle bin and regular kerbside pickup, you can do your part to contribute to a more sustainable Shoalhaven. When you discard plastic, glass, paper, cartons, cans, and other appropriate materials into your recycle container, you’re not only helping to generate future usable goods, you’re also reducing energy usage and decreasing the air and water pollution caused by traditional landfills.

Glass Recycling

Did you know that glass is 100% recyclable and can be continually renewed and repurposed? At our recycling factory in Bomaderry, glass is sorted into categories and colours. These can be used to create new glass bottles or containers, a benefit which has significant positive impacts for numerous industries. Some of our glass makes its way through the system to become crushed glass sand. This has great uses in construction and gardening and reduces the need to utilise otherwise more limited resources.

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