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We serve the Shoalhaven, Illawarra, & Southern Highlands with a broad range of responsible disposal options.

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Eco-friendly products or raw materials can be obtained through Shoalhaven Recycling, including glass sand, cardboard, and recycled steel.

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We are committed to promoting recycling and educating our communities, leading the way to a greener New South Wales.

Community Involvement

Proper care of renewable resources starts at home. Our community involvement offers an inside look at the importance of recycling.

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Shoalhaven Recycling operates across a large area of NSW, from Berry in the north to North Durras in the south. For individuals and commercial entities, we’re the leaders in removal of your recyclable goods and materials. Our services such as kerbside recycling, land clearing and skip bin hire. Instead of pouring these items into an overcrowded landfill, we’ll bring them to our Bomaderry recycling factory where they will be sorted into usable raw material. Some of this is converted into saleable products or remains raw material that boasts many uses in construction, gardening, and other projects.
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Excellence in Service & Support from Shoalhaven’s First Recycling Provider

The way we live today is interrupting the earth’s natural processes. As populations grow and resources deplete, it has become increasingly clear that it is our responsibility as Earth’s residents to use our limited resources wisely. This means reusing what we’ve been given and living as responsible stewards.

Recycling is one of the simplest ways to contribute to the health and conservation of our planet, and it’s this process that our organisation is dedicated to. Recycling ensures that materials and resources aren’t discarded to contribute to the already crowded landfills across Australia. Instead, these still very useful and valuable materials can serve our society as they are repurposed into a whole host of items. Shoalhaven Recycling is devoted to encouraging NSW to continue towards a greener tomorrow.

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