Machine Plant Hire

For projects of all scopes and sizes, we can hire out our specialised machinery and equipment. We use leading brands and ensure full and frequent maintenance of all equipment. With the expertise and experience to advise you, our team at Shoalhaven Recycling is able to provide guidance on plant hire. With our emphasis on safety and environmentally friendly approaches, you can also feel good about your decision to partner with an ethical company.

MRF (Material Recovery Facility)

Shoalhaven Recycling specialises in erecting MRFs, also known as Material Recovery Facilities. These large machines are designed to sort through the recyclable rubbish that is regularly collected. They separate the rubbish into its different categories so it can be more easily recycled. An MRF can be set up in any location, built for you from scratch. Available for small to medium councils across NSW, our staff can manage the entire recycling process from kerbside and commercial collection to material recovery.

Machine Plant Hire

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