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Glass Sand

You might be surprised to discover that there is a large market for recycled glass and glass sand. Crushed glass can be used in many of the same applications as basic sand and gravel. Construction projects that use traditional sand can save money by using crushed glass as an aggregate. A few common uses for glass sand include general and utility backfill, roadway construction, parking lots, filtration, walking trails, underground storage tank backfill, and landfill. Some communities have even begun using glass sand as a replacement for depleted naturally occurring beach sand along their shorelines. As a construction aggregate, crushed glass/glass sand is durable, compact, and easy to transport.


Mulch is quite a common product in our residential and commercial gardens, landscapes, and yards. Mulch is sometimes found as a base within children’s playgrounds as a clean, safe, and easy to care for surface. Because mulch can serve many purposes, the demand for it is high. At Shoalhaven Recycling, we aim to generate effective and beneficial mulch for South Coast residents created from local green waste. With our land clearing and tree shearing processes, we’re able to use what we have and turn those natural resources into eco-friendly options. Mulches contribute to the aesthetics of a landscape as well as assist with soil protection and weed prevention. Mulch is available for purchase, or we can arrange to repurpose your current green waste to generate a customised mulch that will prove a great advantage to your property.


At our recycling centre, we sort and compress cardboard into large, compact pallets that can easily be shipped onward. Recycled cardboard is suitable for a wide variety of projects and future purposes. Manufacturers in many different industries can obtain cardboard through Shoalhaven Recycling to be incorporated in future packaging materials, boxes, paper bags, and more. Sustainable innovators have begun using recycled cardboard even in the most unlikely of applications. It may be just the resource your next project requires.


Over the past few decades, remarkable sustainability achievements have been made. Among other materials, processes for recycling scrap and other metals have been developed. Recycled steel is a valuable commodity and can be an integral part of many different projects and products. We have this material available for your procurement.


A highly common element in our soft drink cans and many other products is aluminium. Among recyclables, these are often the items most household members think to put in their yellow-topped bin. It’s with good reason that this is done, as recycled aluminium can present a broad range of future uses. Typical uses for recycled aluminium include new cans, building exteriors, and even airplane parts.


Plastic is one of the most important materials to recycle as this greatly reduces the chance it will end up as harmful litter in our environment. As an easily disposable entity, it’s far too easy for plastic to end up in waste bins or worse, stuck in our landscapes, beaches, and oceans. We applaud manufacturers and businesses who are enterprising with their plastic usage and work hard to utilise recycled plastic for future projects. We have plenty of plastic here at Shoalhaven Recycling, so come and get it.

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